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Check out the 'fresh' content, and the exciting event forums are waiting for you to pick up.

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Check out the 'fresh' content, and the exciting event forums are waiting for you to pick up.

Big fiveforum

Nearly 30 supporting activities are held in turn

Full of useful information and tight schedule

'Thinking has a thread, and the heart is farther away' Cross-border studentsstatus summit

Juduoduo platform global launch ceremony

Focusing on cross-border ecology, build a cross-border e-commerce global service crowdsourcing trading platform, starting from independent website ecology, digital platform, traffic aggregation, brand promotion, overseas Internet celebrity services, industrial design, cloud computing and other aspects to explore how to use it Digital technology builds an ecological service system to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results for all groups in the ecosystem.

There were also important sharings from Google, Shopify, Microsoft, Oracle, China Construction Bank, etc. Lang Xianping, a senior master in the financial field, and Deng Hai, CEO of Midoduo and founder of Juduoduo platform, discussed the flourishing cross-border e-commerce and decrypted the background of Juduoduo platform. market pain points and gaps.

China Cross-border E-commerce Financial Capital Summit Forum

The forum is jointly sponsored by the Fuzhou Area Management Committee of the China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone and the Fujian Branch of China Construction Bank Corporation. It is hosted by Fujian Midoduo Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Deloitte, one of the world's four largest accounting firms, provides intellectual support. Juduoduo provides technical support. Tuofeng Capital, Yinshan Capital, CICC, Noah Wealth, Xiasheng, TFS, etc. will attend the event. Well-known economics expert Lang Xianping will share, andBlue Book of China’s Cross-border E-commerce Enterprises Going Overseas Development, as well as the 2021 Top 60 Cross-border E-commerce Overseas Enterprises Award Ceremony and the launch of key cross-border e-commerce industrial park projects supported by Deloitte Intelligence for the first time, leveraging the core circle of the core areas of China's cross-border e-commerce industry.

- On-site release -

Blue Book of China’s Cross-border E-commerce Enterprises Going Overseas Development

The 2021 Top 60 Cross-border E-commerce Overseas Enterprises Awards Ceremony, supported by Deloitte Intelligence, debuted for the first time

On the Peak of Independent Stations Going Overseas

This year's China Cross-border Trade Fair has added an independent station area and hosted an independent station overseas summit forum to attract visitors from all over the world and focus on the cross-border future.The most turbulent year in the cross-border circle in 2021 is over. After experiencing the epidemic, Amazon's 'store closure wave', skyrocketing shipping costs, platform closures, seller layoffs and bankruptcies, etc., coupled with the gradual tightening of platform policies, many sellers find it difficult to cope with Following, DTC independent stations have become a new growth point for sellers. This activity will target independent stations and jointlyOraclecountry,Meshop, Midoduo Technology, 9610, Atome, Xichuang Technology, OgCloud, Jigou Technology, and Yida Youshang bring theme sharing to help sellers one-stop brand overseas.

Cross-border e-commerce new product hot product launch conference

Helping supply companies achieve 'cultural export' and 'brand overseas' and enhance brand exposure, it is hosted by the China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair Organizing Committee, the E-commerce Branch of the Fujian Provincial Collaborative Innovation Institute (Minjiang College), Supported by the Internet Innovation Research Center, a characteristic new think tank of universities in Fujian Province, with suppliers and buyers as the main body, it gathered the world's first launch of new products and overseas sales hot products, displayed product details with multiple lenses and angles, and invited professional models to show product designs at close range , and will be simultaneously broadcast online on the official video account of the cross-exhibition.

Click on the picture below to see in 30 seconds what other exciting activities and important guests there are at the China Cross-Trade Fair. Everything you want to see is here.






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