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Burning the whole place!A full review of the first day’s activities of the International Trade Fair & a preview of tomorrow’s exciting events

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Burning the whole place!A full review of the first day’s activities of the International Trade Fair & a preview of tomorrow’s exciting events

The much-anticipated 2023 China International Trade Fair opens today.Guests from all over the world gathered together to watch the exhibition with unprecedented enthusiasm., exciting activities are in full swing.Next, let’s review the content of the first day’s activities, as well as a preview of tomorrow’s activities. Friends who are interested must come, we will still have a blast tomorrow!

Chasing the waves of overseas business opportunities

Quickly enter Walmart

Keynote speech on March 18th from 14:00-15:00 in Hall 5Tan District, as one of the world's largest retailers, Walmart is committed to providing professional operational services to sellers and creating a high-quality shopping experience for customers.This event brings you professional operational guidance and global e-commerce sitesClick on business opportunity analysis, product selection trend insights, emerging trend category planning logistics solutions and operation guide sharing.

Quality China shared with the world from 'new'Set off

——Newegg new eggSpecial show

March 18, 15:15-16:45 on the 5thownerIn the forum area, Newegg Group is a world-leading e-commerce platform for all categories of technology.In the Newegg special event, the 2023 Newegg investment policy, hot-selling categories in North America, full-process logistics solutions, etc. were shared with cross-border sellers to help Chinese quality goods and high-quality brands go overseas.

New landscape, new trends, new opportunities

Cross-border students in 2023Italian Growth Summit Forum

March 18, 9:30-12:00 in Hall 8Forum 1district,New patterns, new trends and new opportunities. This event invites cross-border e-commerce experts to deeply interpret cross-border e-commerce trends, share core e-commerce data, and help companies lay out foreign trade strategies; a lot of useful information - International StationTOPMerchantCEODetailed explanation of product selection, traffic and organizational strategies to help small and medium-sized enterprises climb the cross-border e-commerce pyramid; unlimited business opportunities - the expert team provides overall solutions from product selection, traffic operation, contract fulfillment, etc., making foreign trade companies' business so easy; global marketing ——Comprehensive interpretation by official experts2023In 2018, the international station's marketing planning and product trends from the public domain to the private domain allowed cross-border e-commerce companies to prepare for the layout.

Gather momentum and set sail for a new journey

2023 FupinquanGlobal Opportunities and Fujian Industrial Belt Amazon Cross-Border Summit Forum

Discussion on March 18, 9:30-10:30 in Hall 8In Forum 1, Amazon Global Store and China Cross-border E-commerce Fair jointly bring you global cross-border e-commerce trend sharing, in-depth analysis of the characteristics of Fujian's industrial belt, and help you explore new cross-border opportunities for Fubao.The on-site Amazon Global Store and China Cross-border Trade Fair invite well-known Fujian sellers to give advice on the confusion and problems encountered by enterprises in cross-border development, share cross-border support policies, explore cross-border development ideas in 2023, and help new sellers expand global business opportunities and create joint A new landscape for global brands!

Cross-border overseas logistics service provider recommendationIntroduction

March 18, 9:30-10:30, Forum 2, Hall 6District, gathering cross-border e-commerce overseas logistics companies, Jisu International Logistics (Group) Co., Ltd., Litong Intelligent Parcel Co., Ltd., Diyi International Logistics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huanshi Logistics (Group) Co., Ltd., bringing one-stop services to enterprises Logistics solutions.

Huan Guyi, head of Fujian District of Jisu International Logistics (Group) Co., Ltd.

Frank, Sales Director of East China for UBI Intelligent Package

Edward, CMO Chief Marketing Officer of Diyi International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Head of Fujian District of Jisu International Logistics (Group) Co., Ltd. Gui Yi

Capital flow management and profit improvement of foreign trade enterprises

Ant Group Wanlihui Special Session

March 18, 10:45-12:15 atForum Area 2, Hall 6,Ant Group Wanlihui cooperates with Fujian Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export, and Fujian Foreign TradeMarket industry characteristics, looking forward to Fujian togetherThe development potential of foreign trade and organizing industry-based financial solutions will help merchants strive for more profits in 2023.

Going to sea in South Americaforum

March 18, 13:30-17:00Forum in Hall 6Zone 2, South America Overseas ForumGathering mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms and service providers in South America such as Meikeduo and Falabella, we will explore the operational opportunities and challenges in 2023, focus on popular overseas tracks, share the needs of users in the Latin American market, restore the real Latin American continent, and help China Enterprises go overseas.

Falabella Marketing Manager Cherry Chen

Grace Xian, Head of Falabella Asia Pacific Investment Promotion Operations

Jason.Li, Business and Regional Development Manager of Meikeduo China South China Region

Ziniauliubrowser areaPerson in chargeSeason

Travis Cao Shuwei, General Manager of Jingbao Group Shanghai Company

Fred Nie, Vice President of Pacvue E-commerce Greater China

The first day is full of fun, and tomorrow will be exciting. Friends who are interested must not miss it!

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