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【Ben】Travel exhibition treasure hunting lottery, China Cross-Trade Fair will take you to catch everything

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【Ben】Travel exhibition treasure hunting lottery, China Cross-Trade Fair will take you to catch everything


【run fast】

Participating in an exhibition, besides talking about business and finding customers, can't you also have a little fun?If there were a cross-border e-commerce exhibition that allowed you to fully recharge your batteries at work and enjoy leisure time before the Dragon Boat Festival in advance, and also have the opportunity to discuss face-to-face with insiders who were originally so far apart that their trajectories could not cross at all, you would be surprised. ?Do you expect it?Will you attend?

On the occasion of the opening of the 2022 China Cross-border E-commerce Fair, some cross-border e-commerce veterans from all over the country who want to participate in the China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair want to create a surprise for you who come to the exhibition - 'Exhibition + Treasure Hunt' +Dating's [Ben] Travel Exhibition Treasure Hunt Lotto brings you one-stop full satisfaction of 'people+goods+places'.


【Treasure Hunt】

During the three-day exhibition from June 1st to 3rd, the interesting 'Ben' Travel Exhibition Treasure Hunt Lotto session was carefully set up at the exhibition site.Interested participants can pick up a special 'treasure hunt map' for check-in on-site, and search for a specific 'treasure hunt booth' at the exhibition. After success, they can stamp and check-in once on the spot, and receive small gifts from exhibitors on-site as a check-in. After reaching a certain number of times, you will have the opportunity to participate in the lottery.


【make friends】

Can you imagine?Someone who passes you by at the exhibition may be a 'close friend' who is in the same cross-border e-commerce group as you and are actively exchanging experiences.In response to the general appeal of netizens, and taking advantage of the rare opportunity for netizens across the country to gather offline, DaLotto will create additional value-added services for you - offline meet-and-greets.While in Fuzhou, group friends can organize themselves outside the exhibition, freely participate in various forms of offline communication, deepen interaction, learn face-to-face the experience of colleagues thousands of miles away, and explore business opportunities together. Isn’t that great?Different platforms and different gameplay methods allow you to find many like-minded people at once; the bright spring and white snow will allow you to have no conversation, no speculation, no resonance.It is reported that more than a dozen cross-border e-commerce platform offline meeting WeChat groups specially established for this Fuzhou offline dating are now fully occupied and are being expanded urgently.

[Ben] Travel Exhibition Treasure Hunt has aroused enthusiastic attention as soon as the prototype came out. Fans from all over the country have said that they want to go to Fuzhou to see the grand event. One is to select offline products and expand the supply chain to expand business that has not grown for a long time. The second is to listen to the new voices of big names and big platforms in the exhibition, look back on one’s past, and verify one’s next step. The third is to open up and chat with interested colleagues outside the exhibition who have never met before, and find ways to develop together.

Treasure hunt details

Event name2022 China Cross Trade Fair [Ben] Travel Exhibition Treasure Hunt Lotto

When active2022June 1-3

Activity placeFuzhou StraitInternational Exhibition Center

ActivityorganizeCross-border e-commerce servicesCommercial exhibitors

Participate in the pairChinese cross-borderMeeting visitors

ActivitycontentFollow the instructions of the 'Treasure Hunt Map' to find the 'Treasure Booth' in the exhibition hall. After finding it, you can find it on the treasure hunt map.The corresponding position is stamped, and finally the punch-in gift is received based on the score (cow value).In addition, secrets are revealed, and rewards are set every half day. The person with the most check-in points will receive a lot of gifts.


More surprises are waiting for all the cross-border babies who travel to the exhibition to explore by themselves...


Scan the QR code above to register for the China Cross-Trade Fair and get the chance to participate【Ben】Travel Exhibition Treasure Hunt LottoActivity qualifications







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