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Amazon Spring Plowing 2023, an event to solve cross-border ecological problems for sellers

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Amazon Spring Plowing 2023, an event to solve cross-border ecological problems for sellers

Spring plowing · 2023

Spring Plowing 2023, the Fuzhou station of Amazon’s 33-city linkage offline event came to an end on February 24 at Tsinghua Unigroup Science and Technology Park. This event was the first stop for Amazon’s global store opening in the Fuzhou Industrial Park, organized by the Fuzhou Import and Export Chamber of Commerce , Fuzhou Cross-border E-Commerce Association, Ziguang Technology Park, Fujian Midoduo Network Technology Co., Ltd., and China Merchants Bank Fuzhou Branch co-sponsored.

Stone, the regional development manager of Amazon's global store, explained the seven major overseas consumption trends in 2023 for sellers on the spot. Fiona, the senior expansion operation manager of Amazon's global store in Japan, conducted an in-depth analysis of JCT compliance and market in the Japanese station. Amazon's senior project manager of advertising training Yijie guides sellers to use Amazon advertising to attract traffic.

Mido Duobinge used 15 years of cross-border e-commerce service experience to interpret the cross-border e-commerce supply chain trends in the post-epidemic era for on-site sellers. This is also the first official appearance of the rice warehouse cross-border dropshipping project in the industry.

Rice warehouse cross-border shipping is a one-stop warehousing and shipping service launched by Midoduo for cross-border e-commerce sellers.Provide sellers with services such as packaging, order placement, shipping, and warehousing, reducing operational burdens and allowing sellers to focus more on the development and innovation of core business without having to worry about warehouse management and operations, saving labor costs, time costs, and warehousing Costs, etc., can 'deeply reduce the burden' for sellers and save money to the end.

There are also comprehensive cross-border e-commerce payment service solutions, logistics cost reduction and efficiency improvement solutions, interpretation of Amazon's new storage capacity regulations, how Amazon sellers play well with intellectual property rights, and other all-round and multi-angle sharing. One event will help sellers solve the entire cross-border problem. ecology.

Amazon Global Store is a joint service provider, providing free of charge the latest cross-border packaging business gift package in Fuzhou to sellers present.At the same time, Amazon official managers are also on-site to provide one-on-one diagnosis and treatment services to sellers, and go deep into cross-border sellers to solve their difficulties and pain points.

As one of the offline promotion sessions of the cross-border trade fair, the China Cross-border E-commerce Fair held at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 18th to 20th was introduced to the audience and invited more sellers to participate in this cross-border event.


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