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A big wave of purchasing needs is coming!Dear buyers and suppliers, please look here!

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A big wave of purchasing needs is coming!Dear buyers and suppliers, please look here!

The China Cross Trade Fair will launch online business matching sessions to find sellers for suppliers and factories for buyers.

Event overview

This online business matching meeting relies on the 2022 (Spring) China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair and the online platform to invite buyers and suppliers for one-on-one inquiry matching, aiming to solve the problem of cross-border sellers selecting products and improve corporate profits. ability.

Supply chain advantages of China Cross-Border E-commerce Fair:

① The only national brand exhibition for cross-border e-commerce

② 5000+ suppliers, 60+ advantageous industrial zones nationwide

③ 33 major cross-border e-commerce mainstream platforms and 200+ cross-border e-commerce service providers

Cross-border categories

Household daily consumer goods

3C electronic digital home appliances

Gifts, stationery, beauty products

Shoes, clothing, textiles, bags, sports goods

Maternity and baby toys and pet supplies

Garden hardware, automobile and motorcycle accessories

Big health medical care

Furniture, building materials and decoration

Cross-border e-commerce imported goods


2022 China Cross-border E-commerce Fair Buyers

Activity time

December 30, 2021

Event platform

Tencent Conference

See here for how to participate

Scan the QR code in the picture and add 'Cross-Junction-Assistant'

Arrange one-to-one business matching for you

(Ending on December 19, 2021!!!)

At present, the following procurement requirements have been collected from buyers. If there are suppliers who produce corresponding categories, scan the QR code and add 'Cross-Trade Fair-Assistant' for docking. We also hope that everyone will actively participate and provide your needs!

Outdoor solar lights and household intelligent remote control light products in European and American countries;

Sporting goods (non-shoes and clothing);

Kitchen supplies: bamboo and wood products, ceramic products;

Sports and fitness equipment: fitness equipment, fitness products, balls, tennis, badminton, fighting, outdoor sports, yoga, amusement equipment, tents, camping supplies;

Gift stationery categories: stationery, aromatherapy, holiday supplies;


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